Maintenance Plans

Maintenance to increase the energy efficiency of your home

Our service combines the most advanced technology & methods to increase energy efficiency and the overall comfort of your home.
PNW Construction & Energy Services inspecting a crawlspace in a client's home.

How our monthly maintenance service works

Maintaining your home regularly will increase the longevity of your HVAC equipment and decrease the risk of fires in your home. Our fully-trained technicians know what to look for and will help you optimize your home efficiency.
Initial Home Inspection
Our technicians will provide a home inspection, document everything with photos and put together a service plan for you.
Year-round Home Services
We will come out to your home with regularly scheduled repairs or tasks to help you maintain your home. 

Our Home Maintenance Checklist



Replace Furnace Filters
Wash Outside of Home
Repair or Replace Damaged Window Screens
Put Down New Mulch
Inspect & Replace Caulk Lines (Bathroom and Kitchen)


Replace Furnace Filters
Clean and Stain Decks
Remove Lint from Dryer Vents
Tighten Ceiling Fan Blade Mounting Screws


Replace Furnace Filters
Clean Gutters
Check Weather Stripping (Doors and Windows)
Clean/Service Furnace or Boiler


Replace Furnace Filters
Prune Trees and Shrubs
Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fans
Tighten Door Hinge Screws
Clean Refrigerator Condenser Coils


Check Smoke and CO Detectors Are Working
Test GFCI Outlets/Breakers
Check Vanities and Sink Base for Water Leaks


Ensure Main Water Shutoff Functions as Expected
Inspect Crwalspace for Any Water or Structural Issues
Inspect and Clean Fireplace and Chimney
Flush Sediment Out of Water Heater
Test Basement/Crawlspace Sump Pump Operation
Home Perimeter Walk - Checking for Foundation Cracks, Siding Issues, Holes Around Pipes, and Downspout Issues
Ensure Fire Extinguisher is Accessible and Pressure Guage Is In Operable Range
*Items not covered which might need maintenance depending on your home & equipment: water softener, sprinkler system, pool, hot tub, septic systems, or well.

We also provide protection against rodents with our rodent exclusion services

Home Cleaning Services

Our home maintenance services are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to improve your home's airflow. This includes home cleaning services. The air being circulated in your home starts from your common areas. 
Deep cleaning services
Hard to reach surfaces
Dust, dirt & grime removal
Supplies included

Our most popular services

Insulation Upgrade
Duct Sealing
Duct Wrapping
Duct Cleaning
Home Cleaning
General Contracting
PNW Construction & Energy Services worker gettiong ready to install insulation in the beams while on stilts.

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