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PNW Construction & Energy Services specializes in insulation installation, removal, and air quality testing.

We are insulation experts

PNW Construction & Energy Services has years of experience specializing in home insulation. Our insulation services will increase your air quality, increase energy efficiency and identify potential air egress points. 
Increase Energy Efficiency
Improve Indoor Air Quality
Seasonal Weather Protection
Improve Indoor Comfort
Moisture Control
Noise Reduction
Increased Home Value
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Insulation Removal
Improve your home's air quality by removing harmful materials such as pest urine & feces and moisture both past and present. Let our team make your home safe again. 
Attic Insulation
Proper attic insulation installation improves air quality and helps make your home more efficient. Poor air quality can have long and short-term effects on your family's health.
Crawl Space 
Crawl space insulation will help you save money on your heating & cooling energy costs. Let us help you reduce moisture and maintain the proper climate control for your home. 
Wall Insulation
Wall insulation is a key factor in reducing your home's energy loss. We specialize in wall blows, blown-in cellulose/retrofit, fiberglass/rockwool and cathedral ceilings.
Duct Wrap
In most homes, 20-30% of the air moves through ducts. Prevent energy loss by wrapping your pipes with insulation designed specifically to reduce your home's energy costs.
Air Sealing
Air leaks cause smells, discomfort, moisture problems and overall poor indoor air quality. We will conduct a blower test to identify and fix your home's air leaking issues. 
Spray Foam
Spray foam insulation does not settle or deteriorate over time, unlike traditional insulation, like fiberglass and cellulose. Polyurethane foam protects against extreme temperatures.
Blower Door Testing
We use a diagnostic tool to measure how much air filters out of your house and put an end to your home's air leakage. We locate and fix any air leakage areas that we find.
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